LaX SOUP Ideas for Winter SOUP (Aug 23 thru Nov 3)

LaX SOUP Ideas for Winter SOUP (Aug 23 thru Nov 3)

Enter your IDEAS HERE to make LaX more awesome! The LaX SOUP Board will be monitoring and sharing feedback along with great people in the community LIKE YOU! Early deadline for pitch applications is Sept 30 (for Board help) & final deadline Nov 3 here:


Art in the Alley

Youth Theater Access Initiative

school recycling bins

kids tech museum

Example (demo only): Velcro Tennis Courts!

TEST NEW IDEA (demo only)

soup sculpture

New Parent Support Cooperative

Free drivers ed for high school students

Local laundromats or at local schools - public or private.

Reusable plates, bowls, silverware, etc. for public events

signs for snow removal

Community Firepits in Myrick Greenspace

Green sidewalks

BIke Racks at Riverside

Wisconsin Bike trail between Bangor and Onalaska

canning and preservation classes

Women's Co-op

Kids and Composting @ Hamilton/SOTA I

Basketball Updates at Spence

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