Combination litter & dog waste bins

Combination litter & dog waste bins

Installation of larger bins that can be used for litter and dog waste,like the ones used in Brighton & Hove,


The use of larger combination litter and dog waste bins would save money as there would no longer be a need for multiple collections and it would help minimise the occurrence of dog fouling as there would be more opportunities for dog owners to dispose of their dog's waste.

The dog waste bin works well on the whole and most people are careful not to let their dogs foul the streets or parks. There isn't much litter in the streets most of the time, but sometimes there is quite a lot in our local park and the presence of one or two larger bins might encourage people to dispose of their litter responsibly.

I have contacted local MPs and the local council to raise the point that there are barely no public bins in and around the Peacehaven area. I walk a lot in the area with my dog and if he has a poo, there's no where to put it once I've picked it up. There are some along the cliffs yes but next to none anywhere else. More bins would be great.

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