Congressional Reform

Congressional Reform

1.No Tenure / No Pension they collect a salary ONLY in office and no pay out of office. 2.Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security. 3.Cannot vote for own pay raise. 4 Congress must abide by all laws, same as every other citizen. 5,All contracts null and void after 12-15.


On points number 1 and 2, if there are no pensions and no pay out of office, you increase the vulnerability of elected officials to bribes, especially if the person has financial issues (large debt, sick family members, fear of not having enough in retirement, etc).

If we are to be a country governed 'by the people, FOR the people' then congress needs to follow the same laws and strictures the rest of us do. No special interest groups could then wield strong political influence, assuring laws for themselves only. Let's get back to the basics, and stop spending billions on politics rather than on our own people in need.

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