Eradicate “Flash Trading” and “casino” like trading

Eradicate “Flash Trading” and “casino” like trading

The average time a share is held on Wall Street is now less than 20 seconds. Small investors can't compete with this. Trades should be limited to one a week and traders must acknowledge that they have read a standard sheet on the stocks value before submitting a trade. This will kill the gambling.


Average share being held for 20 seconds? That is not investing, which is the charter for trading. Small investors can't compete with 20 second trades. Companies looking to Wall Street to raise capital don't want to go to a gambling floor to do so. Trading should be based on the net worth of a company with some reasonable multiples allowed for companies whose prospects at profitability are very good. But not $100 billion valuation on companies with $1 billion in sales. Wall Street need to be real

I believe a better solution is that when a stock is bought it should be required to be held for a year minimum. That turns all investors into investors, not ambulance chasers.

I understand your concern, but that would also prevent people from exiting when the company they invested in crumbles like Enron.

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