playground safety fence

playground safety fence

Children from Cooksbridge and the surrounding area really enjoy the playground at Beechwood Hall. The zip wire is especially popular. Volunteers keep the area in a tidy safe condition but the fence which keeps the children safe and dogs out of the area is now on its last legs. The last safety report recommended replacement with something safer and in much better condition. We badly need some funds for this little project.


Please vote for this project. Volunteers put in loads of work to provide the great play equipment which is very well used and enjoyed but the fencing is not safe and is letting the area down. Our volunteers have done their best but a new fence is badly needed now.

It would be fantastic to get the repairs done before the Hamsey Festival. Costs will be to a minimum thanks to amazing volunteers

The old fence isn't safe and the playground is used by all the kids in the local area.

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