seating area at bus stop for the elderly

seating area at bus stop for the elderly

Recently my wife and I were waiting for the bus in Ambleside avenue junction of Balcombe road, recently my has had a operation on her knee so it was quite painful to stand waiting for the bus, there was also a couple of elderly people in the shelter leaning on the glass as there is not a bench to sit on! There is plenty of spare room where a bench could be erected for the elderly and alike to use while waiting for the bus. I think the shelter itself is too small to accommodate a bench!


A bench is greatly needed for the bus stop so people can relax while waiting for the bus or just resting while out walking

Sometimes there are lengthy waits for the bus - it would be great to have somewhere to sit whilst waiting, and would be especially welcome by the older generation of which there is a large number in our community

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