Election Manifesto

Election Manifesto

1. Every contestant to election(all 3 tiers) have to submit their 1 page manifesto explaining what they will do in 5 year term if they get elected. 2. Election Commission will upload all these manifestos on website and even stick a copy of it at atleast on place in the constituency 3. The elected candidate will have to submit proofs of how many points of the manifesto s/he got completed while recontesting the election next time. These too will be uploaded and stuck somewhere.


Definitely. And, EC must print and put them in large, clear fonts, side by side, outside polling booths, so that a voter coming to the polling booth can directly see and compare and contrast. This is similar to how MNREGA, ration etc details are painted in large on walls under RTI. Can give a word limit to the candidates for this "wall version"; while the full version's multiple copies should be kept available for reading, as we see newspaper reading stands.

1. A candidate will only promise what s/he can do, because public will hold him/her responsible. 2. Before next election, the points are all documented and s/he also has to submit with proof of all promises(manifesto points) completed and public can verify.

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