Like to use money to start a local car share club.

Like to use money to start a local car share club.

Telscombe has huge problems with congestion on the A259, so we could use the money to start a web based car share club. People could put in when then are heading to Brighton or Newhaven etc and others caught catch a lift for the price of petrol fee. Great for school runs, or going to work and cuts drivers costs so everyone wins.


Traffic rates are now effecting the town, often with school runs and rush hour traffic causing delays. Creating a car share club could provide better access for many people for less costs while also cutting the amount of traffic in our area. Imagine how many less cars would be on the A259 at 8am in the morning if every car was carrying three other people in it, and all the organisation can be done by computer, just like booking a ticket.

This is a great idea - we are suffering locally because people are using our residential streets as a "park and ride" for Brighton - if they could participate in a car club, this could alleviate some of the daytime congestion on our streets

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