Petition ESCC to divest from fossil fuels

Petition ESCC to divest from fossil fuels

East Sussex County Council's Pension Fund has £172 million invested in fossil fuels despite the fact that 80% of fossil fuels need to remain in the ground, unextracted and unburnt if we are to keep global warming to less than 2 degrees C. These investments are a financial risk anyway as fossil fuel companies may lose value due to global restriction son carbon emissions. ESCC should reinvest fossil fuel investments into clean energy stocks and funds which are financially better performing anyway.


Voting for this idea will help give support for making a petition to East Sussex County Council on the council's own ePetitions website. We need people to not only sign the petition but help to get others to sign it and to lobby their county councillors to support it when it gets to County Hall. Many areas of East Sussex are at great risk of floodings as sea levels rise and rain storms become more frequent and intense. It is not safe to invest in fossil fuels.

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