Improve external amenities Barcombe Village Hall

Improve external amenities Barcombe Village Hall

Barcombe Village Hall is a new architect designed sustainable building. Since opening three years ago it has proved to be a very popular venue for a wide range of activities for all ages and tastes. An unexpected outcome has been the interest shown by hirers in formally or informally using the grassed areas readily accessible from the Hall by several external doors. The project involves the acquisition of a mower dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of these grassed areas.


At present the grassed area is used for such as open air theatre productions and fetes with one part being dedicated for use as a play area for Barcombe Playgroup. It is felt that many existing user groups would welcome the availability of a well tended grassed area, e.g. Scouts, Beavers, exercise groups, disabled and senior citizen groups. We are keen to encourage the use of this external area by existing and future patrons and further enhance the Hall's contribution to community life.

the village hall provides the scout movement providing facilities for the cubs through to the venture scouts. the young people of Barcombe need this environment to grow in.

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