Skateboard Ramp

Skateboard Ramp

A skateboarding ramp


There are a lot of skaters in Barcombe with nowhere to skate

We have to drive all the way to Lewes to use a skate park and that is a huge waste of fuel. Many people skate in Barcombe.

We have to rely on our parents to drive us to Lewes or Brighton so a ramp in Barcombe will save fuel, reduce pollution and help towards saving the planet and wildlife.

This is a great idea for Barcombe/Cooksbridge/both. A positive idea for keeping young children and teenagers occupied and active in a well lit area with decent facilities. Recently similar Brighton projects have helped bring communities together.

Keep older children active and not playing computer games! Keep skateboarding local and reduce pollution and stop our parents' hard earned money going on bus fares and fuel!

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