End the use of money/currency for life.

End the use of money/currency for life.

This proposal would end the current use of money, place-holding some tasks with robots and teaching a full set of skills to new artisans or trades as detailed in http://ubuntuusa.com/about-us.html. Once built, freedom can be done in houses and individual living spaces. System of natural abundance would be implemented, access to free services, transportation, education, and convenience store goods. Land and rent and property values would be abolished/mediated, giving priority to current tenants.


Freedom strikes at poverty at the root, turning on its head the concept of not having an excess of stuff. It also mends the split with nature, giving back time to fully learn. To have capitalism changes the calculus of sufficiency and creates an instant disconnect with the natural world, encouraging exploitation. It is important we go to a system that's analog and non-GMO'd. Without capitalism, you get to know community members and contribute where you are best at doing.

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