1 citizen, 1 dollar, 1 vote. no corporate money evermore!

1 citizen, 1 dollar, 1 vote. no corporate money evermore!

cost of attaining elected office in the united states is prohibitive to non wealthy citizens and eliminates their participation in the political process. without the poor and middle class having representation in political office, the vast majority of the american electorate has no real representation in government. the result is laws allowing greater economic disparity and a weakening of workers rights, as well as the rights of minorities. change this by prohibiting all donations exceeding $1


limiting political donations to $1 , 1 citizen, 1 vote, will allow non corporate sponsored citizens to run for, with the possibility of attaining, political office. this would result in government more faithfully representing the will of the citizens as opposed to the corporate interests of the wealthy elite. once the people are rep[resented by non corrupted politicians, then we can begin to address the issues which our nation faces that cause great harm to global society and the planet

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