Use technology to promote democratic ideals in our classroom

Use technology to promote democratic ideals in our classroom

I believe it is important that my students are able to state and discuss their learning priorities. The onus should be on me, the teacher, to incorporate these priorities into subsequent lesson plans while meeting curriculum outcomes.


it is good but maybe sometimes we could do things not related to the cirriculum

Embedding ICT and the open-source ethos into the teaching and learning experiences of my students will give them a tangible way to access and deconstruct democracy in practice.

Using technology will also help us learn how to use technology effectively and consequently, we will become more productive in the way we work.

The first, and (probably) the most obvious, way is that you can find much infromation on the internet such as those on fact sheets, and, essays and in videos. The second is on websites, like this one. We can do this by choosing to 'up vote' or 'down vote' an idea.

that is interesting


yeah aishani thats a good idea

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